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Ignazio Bozzo had a specific vision of the type of physiotherapy he wanted to practice. He wanted the time and space to work one-on-one with the patient, using manual therapy. He wanted to make a real impact on the patient’s recovery with effective lasting results. Eventually, he wanted to build a team that was as passionate about healing as he was.

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We prioritize the hands-on, one-on-one approach, for the whole body, for all ages.

Osteopathy :
manual therapy which frees tensions and blockages in the body, decreases pain, restores natural body harmony
all our osteopaths are licensed graduates, members of Ostéopathie Québec.

Laser Therapy :
The low intensity laser therapy service is provided at our Dorval clinic.

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We would like to believe that our bodies will be forever free of any aches or pains.
But life happens: sprains, strains, surgeries, stress…
We would like to believe that our bodies will recuperate without any help.
Sometimes, it’s possible…
Most times, it’s not…
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“Josée Ménard est une ostéopathe et physiothérapeute hors pair. Grace à son expertise et son expérience, elle a su alléger mes douleurs chroniques à la hanche. Elle s’adapte très bien à la situation, et ajuste ses traitements aux besoins des gens. Son écoute, son soutien et ses suggestions sont très appréciées.
Je vous recommande fortement Josée Ménard, elle saura vous aider!
Merci Josée!
P.S. L’accueil est exceptionnel.”